• mdStrategies Announces Strategic Partnership with Transcription Solutions

    February 2018

    What medical facility wouldn’t want to achieve more accurate patient history notes? Through a joint collaboration of mdStrategies and Transcription Solutions facilities can streamline electronic health record entry through the use of speech understanding transcription. Today’s electronic health record systems for the medical community make promises they will improve patient care by eliminating errors, stem soaring costs, and make health care more efficient. Regrettably, these EHR systems do not always deliver on these promises.

    Transcription Solutions fully provides 100% domestic service and support. All patient history is processed and delivered from secure, HIPPA compliant, Level 5 servers residing in the United States. Through advanced systems from Multi-Modal, patient history records are transcribed through the most advanced speech understanding computer system in the marketplace today. This enables a physician to transcribe the patient’s encounter in his/her normal speaking delivery – no matter the accent, language background, or speech impediments. The flexible system does not require a physician to spend valuable hours of dictating for the speech understanding to “learn” his/her language enunciation. Physicians can instantly speak the patient notes into a hand held device or use of a telephone on the first day of use. Through this advanced speech understanding of the individual medical provider’s dictation, much more accurate patient notes can be achieved on the first day of use by the medical facility.

    The host transcription collection system through operating in a “cloud atmosphere” enables a physician to have full mobility but greater accuracy with their transcription requirements. Any reduction of transcription errors obviously offers quicker turnaround in processing claim payments and less administrative time by patient staff reconciling errors. All transcription services (and coding) can be received within 24 hours and can process “stat” patient requirements.

    Any existing mdStrategies account can instantly gain accuracy as the transcription system “delivers” the patient note to the coders electronically. Through this interface, mdStrategies personnel are alleviated from “re-keying” pertinent patient demographics – again delivering a higher degree of accuracy through automation. The transcribed/coded note can then be delivered and inserted into any ASC EHR system.

    In a quote from Alice Kugler, administrator of Fayetteville Family Medical Care, NC, “…Transcription Solutions definitely worked. There’s no more backlog of charts, and same-day turnaround is the norm. Our transcription costs have almost been cut in half. The transition has been incredibly smooth, because our practitioners didn’t have to do anything. Honestly, most of them didn’t even know we’d made a change-until they realized their charts were coming back to them so much faster.”
    Why not improve your transcription today? Any existing mdStrategies coding client can receive the benefit of a free two week trial – at NO cost for the next 90 days. In addition, if a medical facility elects to perform transcription through the use of a mobile digital device – these will be provided at NO COST to existing mdStrategies clients.
    Please contact Scott Megason, President mdStrategies
    (281-358-0300 scott@mdstrategies.com)
    or Richard Huffman, Director of Business Development Transcription Solutions (828-381-2130 rhuffman49@gmail.com).